Tactical LED Flashlights

Tactical LED flashlights have a million in one uses but the basic characteristics of these types of flashlights are very useful and unavoidable.

Safety is the number one reason a person will want to buy one of the many available models of tactical LED flashlights. A tactical flashlight is typically heavier in weight than most average flashlights but that is because they are built using layers in their casing.

These layers account for the durability and long lasting characteristics that tactical flashlights are known for but it mainly accounts for them being shockproof.

Most average flashlights that people buy will come from a typical convenience store and will take anything from AA to D sized batteries.

These flashlights can feel very lightweight, which may be appealing to those who are viewing them in the store but in reality they are much heavier when the large batteries are added. Also, these basic-made flashlights will stop working once they encounter even the slightest bump.

Purchasing tactical LED flashlights, instead of those department store knockoffs, will lead to you having a flashlight when you need one for years to come, instead of only have a flashlight for a few weeks after you buy one.

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What To Look For When Buying A Tactical LED FLashlight

Tactical LED flashlights are known best for being waterproof and some models can even be used for diving. Some are very small but versatile because they can fit in your pocket, which accounts for their mobility.

Other tactical LED flashlights, most of the time, do not use traditional batteries, instead they use lithium ion batteries or a rechargeable battery pack.

If one wants a lightweight flashlight they are better off focusing on the tactical LED flashlights that use lithium ion batteries because most flashlights get their weight from two things: batteries and protection.

Lithium batteries often have a life of more than 10 years and the LED bulbs are typically guaranteed for 10,000 plus hours.

The tactical LED flashlights are often a bit heavier than those that use the lithium batteries but most people choose to purchase these types because the charge can last for many hours.

Many agree that they do not have to worry about buying more and more batteries when they can just slip the tactical LED flashlights onto a charging station for quick and efficient charging.

Elite models of tactical LED flashlights often hold a longer charge and/or complete a full charging cycle in as little as an hour or two, while others can be quite the opposite.