Tactical Flashlight

A tactical flashlight is a rugged-made device that can be useful to many people for a variety of reasons. Women of all ages often purchase a tactical flashlight for safety reasons.

Many tactical flashlights use a powerful beam of light, which is created by hundred of lumens. Woman would find that a heavy duty flashlight with a high amount of lumens could be just what is needed to effectively, yet temporarily, blind an attacker.

Another way a heavy duty flashlight can help in such a situation is as a weapon, which means it can be used to hit an attacker in an act of defense.

One reason a tactical flashlight is the best for a dangerous situation is because they are made to be shockproof. Having a shockproof flashlight is imperative when you want a long lasting and super durable flashlight.

A flashlight may seem like a simple item but when you truly need one you will find that a tactical flashlight will be there a lot longer than an average department store model that is probably far from tactical.

Even the flashlights that only claim to be heavy-duty but do not state they are tactical, will not be as tough and durable as a tactical one would be.

True Tactical Flashlights

A tactical flashlight is typically made to be sealed using rubber o-rings which will account for it being waterproof and dustproof.

Some flashlights that are tactical feature the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold.

Olight SR90 Intimidator LED Flashlight

Another elite feature found on some, more complex, flashlights is dive ability, which allows that certain tactical flashlight to be taken diving. Some can handle as little as 15 feet of submersion while others can handle the pressure down to 300 feet.

However, the length of time the flashlight can remain waterproof at such a depth varies from one to the other.

A tactical flashlight will have the ability to be used quickly and while only using a single hand for operation. Some models allow for a twisting motion to turn on the light in constant mode while only pressing a button for momentary use.

The bulbs within a tactical flashlight are typically white LED and most likely have a guarantee of 10,000 hours of life.

These kinds of flashlights can either be rechargeable or use traditional batteries. The majority of tactical flashlights use lithium ion batteries because they are known for their long, 10 year life on the shelf.