Olight SR90 Intimidator LED Flashlight

Smooth reflector provides flawless far reaching light beam with max 1000m throw Provides ultra performance and shock proof dependable lighting with an average 50,000 hour life span Luminus LED Includes 2 light brightness levels, high/low, (max 2200 lm) + strobe function

To call the Olight SR90 Intimidator LED Flashlight a flashlight is almost a crime, it is far more than simply a flashlight.  It is an extremely powerful light source that can be used in a number of applications from camping, fishing, and hunting to search and rescue, military, and tactical.

LED lights provide a great deal of output with minimal thermal resistance and this Olight SR90 has the greatest output to thermal resistance ratio of any LED on the market.

The Olight SR90 Intimidator LED Flashlight is comparable to just about any HID (High Intensity Discharge) light on the market.  It is also well built and very durable.  The lens is shatter and scratch resistant and the exterior has a corrosion resistant anodized finish.

If you need to turn night time into day time, this is the light for you.

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Olight SR90 Intimidator LED Flashlight reflector

Product Features and Specifications

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The Reviews On This Flashlight

With some products it is easy to find hundreds of user reviews online at places like amazon.com, shopping.com, and various online stores.  In our search for honest feedback on the Olight SR90 Intimidator LED Flashlight we had to dig a little deeper but we were able to find reviews on a few specialty websites and forums.

The reviews for the Olight SR90 were quite impressive to say the least.

One of the reviews we found came from someone on a popular forum and this individual did extensive testing and provided a very detailed review (including a lot of photos) of exactly what this light is capable of.

One thing that was quite impressive is the fact that the SR90 on the Lo setting is comparable to many of the 2×18650 multi-emitter lights on Hi.

check markThis reviewer states that the the Olight SR90 Intimidator LED Flashlight gives many HIDs (High Intensity Discharge lights) a run for their money and that it is closer to an HID than any previous LED flashlight.

There were a number of other reviews that we found online that were in agreement with the extensive one mentioned above.

One review was from a police officer that says he brings his SR90 to work every night and to give it a really good test he stood on a bridge and used the light to sweep the banks of a wide river and he was amazed.

A Great Flashlight For Any Job!

olight-sr90He said “you can see objects along the banks for a very long distance and the spill gives plenty of light in the water”.

Another review said that when you buy something before there is any feedback or reviews it’s a bit of a gamble but with the Olight SR90 he feels that he hit the jackpot.

According to our research the Olight SR90 Intimidator LED Flashlight is a fantastic product and lives up to every promise made by the manufacturer.

If you are in the market for a reliable, high-powered flashlight you should seriously consider the Olight SR90 Intimidator LED Flashlight.