Olight M30-B Triton Flashlight

The Olight Triton M30 Flashlight is a small flashlight that puts out an impressive 700 lumens.  It was designed with tactical uses in mind and is also great for search and rescue operations.

The Triton M30 is a very durable flashlight built with anodized aluminum and a scratch resistant lens.  It’s great for outdoor use weather you are hunting, fishing, camping, etc.  It can be dropped, rained on, and otherwise abused and it will keep working.

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Olight M30-B Triton Flashlight

Features and Specifications:

  • Ergonomic design for easy operation
  • Full orange peel reflector with perfect beam
  • Rugged indestructible aluminum body with anti-scratching type III hard anodization
  • Twist strip for safe keeping and easy carry
  • Water resistant to IP68
  • Anti-shattering ultra clear lens, anti-scratching and anti-slip
  • Engineered anti-slip body texture for a tight firm grip
  • Built-in stainless steel pocket clip
  • Advanced digital power management system for best smooth and even brightness during battery life time
  • World-class super bright Cree MC-E LED
  • Max 700 lumens
  • Max 80 hours long runtime
  • Side switch on tail cap for direct access to strobe from power-off
  • Side switch on tail cap for changing modes from power-on
  • Extended tube required for 4 X CR123A or 2 X 18650 batteries
  • Three digitally controlled constant brightness levels and strobe
  • Superior heat sink that disperses heat to protect LED and electrical
  • LED CREE MC-E led
  • Battery: 3xCR123A/RCR123A batteries, 4xCR123A or 2xLi-ion 18650 with extended tube
  • Dimension: 43.5mm/1.71″(D)X176.9mm/6.96″(L)
  • Dimension with extended tube: 43.5mm/1.71″(D)X210.9mm/8.3″(L)
  • Weight: 165.2g/5.83oz (exclude battery)
  • Function: Three brightness levels and strobe mode
  • Output and runtime: High Mode 700lumens/1.5hours, Medium Mode 120lumens/7.5hours, Low Mode 8lumens/90hours, Strobe 700lumens/1.5hours

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The Reviews

Some products have hundreds of reviews online, this was not the case for the Olight Triton M30 Flashlight but we were able to find a number of reviews for this product and the reviews are quite good.

One review came from a police officer that used to carry the Olight M-20 as their primary light until reading about the M30 Triton and they immediately switched to it as their primary light.

This officer says that it’s amazingly bright.  While assisting another officer in a high risk felony stop the fellow officer had locked his keys in the car without turning on the spot light.

check markThe officer giving the review used his brand new M30 Triton in place of a spotlight so they could see inside the vehicle and keep an eye on everyone inside.  All of the officers involved were amazed at how bright the light was especially considering the relatively small size of the M30.

Even though it is relatively compact for such a bright light, some reviewers still think it’s a little too big to carry on you at all times and may be better left in a vehicle.

It is quite small compared to other flashlights of similar brightness and can be carried comfortably with the included belt clip or holster.

One other issue that some people had was the length of time the light will work on a single charge when used on the highest output setting.  There is also a slight strobe effect on the low and medium settings.

Despite a couple of small issues most of the reviewers seem to agree that the Olight Triton M30 Flashlight is a very good flashlight with some reviewers stating that it far exceeded their expectations and that it puts out an amazing amount of light for its small size.

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