Inova Tactical Flashlight

An Inova tactical flashlight comes in a variety of models. The T3-WB Inova tactical flashlight with 3 LED bulbs in white is of expert quality and made to a professional standard.

This model is often used by police enforcement and other security agencies because of its durability and quality. This particular Inova tactical flashlight is 6 and ¼ inches in length and has a light projection ability of up to 250 feet.

With over two hours of complete, uninterrupted light with each set of batteries that is used. It is also built to be durable so that is can handle rugged storage and use.

The Nite Ize T3-MP Inova tactical flashlight projects using LED technology with 165 lumens. It is designed to be used within extreme weather and rugged use. It also has a running time of up to three and a half hours per set of batteries with constant use.

inova tactical flashlight

This Inova tactical flashlight can reach up to three miles with its light projection and it less than five inches in length. It is completely crushproof, shockproof and resistant of water and the glass has an anti-reflection coating for a proper beam.

A Durable Flashlight

The X5 4-Batttery 3V Inova tactical flashlight is built to be extremely durable and it is water resistant up to 150 feet. This Inova tactical flashlight is tough enough to resist more than two thousand pounds of weight before being crushed.

The batteries can last more than twenty hours with constant use but their shelf life is ten years. The X5 Inova tactical flashlight also has white LED bulbs and is made of stainless steel.

It has a range of projection that reaches 120 feet and it has a visibility length of up to two miles. The off and on control is a single button and the flashlight itself is less than five inches in length.

The T4 Rechargeable LED Inova tactical flashlight projects using 175 lumens with 4 watt white LED bulbs. It is rechargeable and is able to last without dimming for up to two hours for each time it is charged in its easy drop-styled charging station.

It has a light projection range that can reach 350 feet maximum and has a length of eight inches. This Inova tactical flashlight comes with a lifetime warranty that is limited and has a modern charging system that allows both DC and AC charging cords.