Cree LED Flashlight

A Cree LED flashlight is a flashlight that uses Cree brand LED bulbs. These bulbs are said to last for many years on the shelf and are more than capable of having more than 10,000 hours of usage.

Brands such as Coleman and Fenix are known for including Cree brand LED bulbs within their flashlights. A Cree LED flashlight will be of more use to those who demand perfection and a Cree LED light bulb will deliver such a preference.

They can come in a variety of models and range in an even bigger variety of features and extras.

A rechargeable Cree LED flashlight will serve one very well and for a long time, especially when the buyer takes advantage of buying a couple extra rechargeable batteries and maybe a battery holder.

The reason for this is because no battery can last forever but if you are going on a long trip and plan on needing your Cree LED flashlight often, having several charged batteries in a handy holder just might save the day.

A Cree LED flashlight can come in an emergency designed model and the addition of a few red LED light bulbs is just the beginning. It should come with an emergency siren and an emergency light mode that automatically makes the Cree LED flashlight act in a strobe-like manner to attract attention to someone in need of assistance.

Even a small AM/FM radio is known to be a common feature on an emergency flashlight. These types of flashlights are usually weather proof and can handle being underwater, but most likely not for that long.

Another Cree LED flashlight model is made by Fenix, which is a company that is well known for producing high quality and long lasting flashlights, among other things.

They feature a Cree LED flashlight that has the ability to run at 120 to 9 lumens, depending upon what you choose. Choosing the lowest setting will ensure that this particular LED flashlight from Fenix will last up to 35 hours of straight usage.

Most Cree LED flashlight models are made to be small and compact but very powerful when needed. Other models come in very handy as a safety flashlight for the car and they work well as flashlights needed for hunting and/or camping.

When purchasing a Cree LED flashlight, there will be no need to worry about how long it will last because most Cree light bulbs are guaranteed to work for many years, depending upon the warranty of course.