Brightest Tactical Flashlights

What is the brightest flashlight? That’s a question I get asked a lot. You would be surprised at just how many people email me asking this very question.

Today I thought I would write a post on this very subject. Which flashlight is the brightest and I thought I would also list some very popular torches that are also very bright.

The Brightest Flashlight

Before I display the brightest flashlight, it’s important to understand how the brightness is measured. Each flashlight is measured by the following –

  • Light Output
  • Lumens
  • Beam Distance
  • Peak Distance

For the brightest flashlight, I’ve used all 4 of these elements. Another thing I look at is the power(battery needed). My overall favorite tactical flashlight only needs one single AA battery and it blows every other flashlight in its league out of the park!

Without wasting your time, lets get to the list.

J5 Tactical 300 Lumem Flashlight

j5 tactica flashlight

This little baby is the perfect flashlight for any occasion. It’s powered by a single AA battery! You’re probably thinking, so what but in all honestly compared to other torches that use bigger batteries, this torch blows them away.

The J5 tactical flashlight is also the best seller on many websites. What impresses me the most is it has over 8,000 reviews on with 4.6 stars. You just have to read the comments to see why it’s the best selling tactical flashlight on the market.

It’s extremely bright, again, it’s only powered by a single AA battery. Sorry, but I’m impressed. You just have to test this out for yourself to see what I mean.

I also like the design of this flashlight. It has a belt clip and it fits perfectly in my hand for easy carry, and it’s light weight.

The other good thing about this bright flashlight is the price. It’s very affordable and that’s probably another reason why so many people love the J5 so much.

j5 brightest tactical flashlight

What Customers Are Saying..

There’s a bit of a pattern when sifting through the reviews on and other sites and that is “This flashlight is worth every penny” and “This flashlight is very bright for its size“.

For a compact torch that has the brightness of a much larger torch it just proves that size doesn’t matter. I really love this flashlight and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a super powerful torch. Grab one, you wont be disappointed!

Price: $13.95 via

The J5 Tactical flashlight is just one option. If you want to go bigger, then check out the next one on the list below.

I will update this post as often as possible, listing bright and powerful flashlights that I find to be extremely good.

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